Road Trip to The Grand Canyon

 Keep reading to see a video of our Road Trip to the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder of the world and it sure is GRAND!

This past October we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, it was a very last minute decision – so last minute that we didn’t even bother in planning ahead with figuring out the directions, solely relying on my iPhone’s GPS (bad idea because we took the longest way ever and had to re-route spending at least 2 hours more). 
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On the road, between Nevada and Arizona:

So my best advice: PLAN AHEAD!

Either way, it was a great last minute decision, we had fun, although a little frustrating because we spent too much unnecessary time on the road, but once we arrived it was all worth it!

So what part of the Grand Canyon did we visit? The Grand Canyon is divided into the North Rim and the South Rim.

We went to the South Rim where the actual Grand Canyon National Park is, but we decided this once we were actually on the road.

The North Rim is the one that you have to go through Las Vegas (since we are coming from SoCal), where we were headed according to the GPS, but during the Fall and Winter months it may be closed because of the snow.

So, we made a U-Turn in Vegas and headed towards the South Rim.  After more than a few hours we arrived at the little town of Tusayan, which is right outside the Grand Canyon National Park village.  To get to the actual National Park you go through some gates where you pay $25 per car, but it’s good for an entire week, so you can go in and out as you please for seven days.

Inside the National Park there is basically another little town with cabins, hotels, a church, a small hospital, and even a little town center with a market and lots of parking . There are shuttle buses which take you to and from different stops along the South Rim to take great photographs or even start hiking down to the Grand Canyon or the Colorado River, which according to tour guides it takes up to three days to hike down to the river and return to the park!

These are the shuttle buses that take you to the different stops, and they're free, well they're included in the ticket you paid for at the gate:

However, since our visit was just for one night we just took pictures, and we didn’t even know there were cabins and lodges inside the park, since we didn’t really plan ahead. 

We ended up staying at a hotel in Tusayan where we were lucky to find vacancy since it was a weekend, then we ate at one of the restaurants there.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everyone I know. In fact, I really want to go back so we can stay inside the park in one of the cabins and take advantage of the beautiful forest and amenities inside the Grand Canyon Village.

Also, it’s important to note that animals, such as deer, are roaming around freely throughout the park, which is great for awesome photos but you should keep your distance.

For more information on road conditions and “Park Alerts” to plan your visit just go to the Grand Canyon National Park website

Here is a video we created of our visit to the Grand Canyon so you can enjoy some more of the breathtaking views! We added some music and maybe some sound effects to make it a little more entertaining! If you have not had the chance to go, I hope this makes you want to visit the Grand Canyon! Enjoy! :)

We use a Canon DSLR Rebel T3i, but you can find a newer version and in a bundle deal through the link below:

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  1. This is so great! I love the cover photo.
    I've only been to the North Rim. It was remarkable.

  2. We have never been there, but we almost ended up there because we were going the wrong way!